Transgender Hacker Busted In Massive Capital One Hack

Transgender Hacker Arrested For Stealing Data From 100 Million Capital One Customers In Mass Hack

transgender hacker

A Seattle-based transgender hacker named Paige Thompson has been arrested for hacking Capital One bank’s systems to steal data it stored on Amazon’s Web Services cloud. Thompson is a former Amazon systems engineer.

Thompson had planned to steal the addresses, phone numbers and names of 100 million people in the United States. 

The transgender woman accessed the social security numbers on 140,000 people. She was able to get credit card numbers on 80,000 additional people.

Thompson allegedly pulled it off between March and July of this year. She broke into the bank’s servers through a misconfiguration in its firewall. 

Amazon’s Web Services cloud was storing the data. However, Amazon insists it is not to blame for the hack. Amazon claims she exploited Capital One’s systems to access it.  Capital One admitted that it was a fault in its infrastructure. 

Read more at MFI-Miami

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