Colorado Realtor Gives Attacker The Annie Oakley Treatment During Open House

Colorado Realtor Channels Annie Oakley To Fend Off Knife-Wielding Attacker During Open House

Colorado Realtor

Colorado Realtor Dawna Hetzler fended off a knife-wielding attacker while preparing a condo for an open house. Hetzler said the man knocked on the door while she was preparing to show the condo.

The man, identified as Ernest Robert Chrisman pretended to express interest in the condo. As a result, Hetzler took him on a tour of the condo. Hetzler of New Dawn Realty in Greenwood Village, Colorado told Fox News:

He was asking the right questions about how long it had been on the market. We talked about loans and what he might qualify for.

When they got to the master bedroom, Chrisman pulled out a knife and a 6-inch rope attached to bear spray. He ordered her to take off her rings and go into the closet.

Read more at MFI-Miami

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