Candyman Scam: 19-Year-Old Busted Using Kids To Scam Money

19-Year-Old Detroit Punk Tries To Use Kids To Run A Candyman Scam

Troy Police arrested a Detroit man of exploiting children and larceny in what is known as a “Candyman Scam.”

Davion Darrel Mitchell used three children to raise money for a fake football team. Troy Police caught Mitchell and the children running the Candyman Scam at two suburban Detroit restaurants.

Police also say Mitchell threatened a restaurant manager and stealing a woman’s purse.

Troy police were called at 7:32 pm Saturday to Gran Castor at 2950 West Big Beaver Road.

The general manager of the restaurant told police Mitchell came into the restaurant with three children to try to sell candy to customers. The general manager said it’s the second time Mitchell has done so.

When asked to leave, Mitchell got aggressive and threatened to fight the general manager before leaving.

Read more at MFI-Miami

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