FAKE LANDLORD ALERT! New York Police Bust Fake Landlord

New York Police Bust Fake Landlord Scam That Fleeced Hundreds Of People

fake landlords

There are a number of fake landlord scams out there. Some of the scams are unique, some are brazen and some are just dumb.

Like a typical fake landlord, Ricardo Gonzalez of Tarrytown, New York thought he had the perfect scam until New York cops busted him.

The New York man posed as a real estate broker and falsely advertising apartments for rent bilking thousands of dollars from prospective renters.

Gonzalez put a unique spin on his fake landlord scam. He allegedly contacted landlords and told them he had friends interested in available units. He would then convince them to give him access to the properties.

Once Gonzalez got inside the unit, he took pictures of the apartments and obtained paperwork for the leases. He would then post the properties on Trulia, Craigslist, and Zillow. Thus, making it appear as though he was the real estate representative.

Read more at MFI-Miami

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