Bank Robber Caught After Flashing The $88,000 He Stole On Facebook

Bank Robber Who Stole $88,000 From A Bank Vault Caught After Flashing Stacks Of Bills On Social Media

bank robber

If you’re a bank robber, it may not be a good idea to post the $88,000 you just stole on your social media page.

The United States Attorney’s Office in North Carolina is alleging a Wells Fargo bank employee stole $88,000 from the bank’s vault. Arlando Henderson wasn’t bashful about advertising to his social media followers. He showed pictures and pictures of the life of luxury he was funding.

The Feds unsealed the criminal indictment this week after the FBI arrested Henderson in San Diego. The unsealed indictment alleges Henderson stole cash out of the vault. Henderson also allegedly stole the money in separate allotments on at least 18 different occasions this year.

The USAO states Henderson used a social media account to post several pictures of him holding large stacks of cash.

Read more at MFI-Miami

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