New York Reverse Mortgage Scam Alert!

NEW YORK REVERSE MORTGAGE SCAM ALERT! Servicers Are Targeting Seniors For Foreclosure! Don’t Be A Victim!

New York Reverse Mortgage

MFI-Miami has issued a New York Reverse Mortgage Scam Alert!

It seems like Reverse Mortgage servicing companies are pulling a reverse mortgage scam on unsuspecting seniors with a New York Reverse Mortgage. They are showing no shame in doing it either. 

Reverse mortgages are great because they give seniors who are house rich and cash poor needed cash. Local taxes and any HOA fees are still the responsibility of the homeowner.

Servicers can and will foreclosure if the taxes are not paid.

Reverse mortgages are great for most seniors. Unfortunately, reverse mortgage servicing companies have figured out how to cash in by screwing equity-rich seniors with Nassau County Reverse Mortgages. Champion Mortgage and Reverse Mortgage Solutionsappear to be the biggest culprits in this scam. 

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