Deadbeat Dad Bernie Sanders Never Paid Child Support

Deadbeat Dad Bernie Sanders Never Paid Child Support! Sanders Let Vermont Taxpayers Feed And Clothe His Kid.

The Early Years Of Deadbeat Dad Bernie Sanders 

Deadbeat Dad Bernie Sanders

Deadbeat dad Bernie Sanders bought a piece of property in Vermont in 1964. He settled there full-time in 1968. Sanders’ first child, Levi Sanders, was born a year later to his then-girlfriend, Susan Campbell Mott.

The elder Sanders worked as a carpenter and a writer after he graduated from college. However, he quickly found his true calling. He became a perpetual political candidate.

Sanders joined the socialist Liberty Union Party and began running for governor and senator of Vermont in the 1972 elections. He got 2% of the vote for governor, and 1% for senator.

Bernie also didn’t have to work very hard because he didn’t have much competition to get the Liberty Union nominations. Party members recall they “ran anybody and everybody they could find.”

Then he ran again for the Senate on the Liberty Union Party ticket in 1974, and won 4% of the vote, and again for governor two years later, winning 6% of the vote.

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Comrade Bernie Proposes 25% House Flipping Tax

Communist Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders AKA Comrade Bernie Proposes 25% House Flipping Plan

comrade bernie

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders aka Comrade Bernie unveiled a new plan that would throw the entire American housing sector into chaos.  Comrade Bernie wants to tax properties he deems as “flips” with a 25% tax.

The self-described socialist believes a tax like this will solve America’s affordable housing crisis. Sanders proposed this just one day after President Trump made headlines when he criticized the problem of homelessness in California.

Sanders is running for President of the United States for a second time. He also hopes to challenge President Trump in 2020 as the Democratic presidential nominee.

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