Select Portfolio Servicing Selling Personal Homeowner Information

MFI-Miami Has Busted Select Portfolio Servicing Selling Personal Homeowner Information To Shady Personal Loan Peddlers

select portfolio servicing selling

MFI-Miami has busted another mortgage servicer selling your private information to shady entities. This time, we have busted Select Portfolio Servicing selling homeowner’s private loan information to shady predatory lenders peddling personal loans.

The discovery happened by accident like it did last year when we busted Caliber Home Loans for doing the same thing. However, the good news is this company is not run by a kiddie porn peddler and peeping tom.

Last week, we received a solicitation letter offering our client, “Keith” a personal loan of $67,000. The letter was from American Direct Financial in California.

Although, you had to look closely at the disclaimer on the bottom of the fake check for $67,000 they attached in order to figure out the letter came from American Direct Financial.

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