Foreclosure Defense Myths That People Still Want To Believe

Foreclosure Defense Myths That People Want To Keep Believing Thanks To Pretender Savior Neil Garfield 

foreclosure defense myths

I am constantly debunking a plethora of foreclosure defense myths from potential clients. Finance bloggers like myself have written over the past decade that these bizarre and inaccurate claims don’t work. Yet, they seem to persist thanks to pretender savior Neil Garfield and his Living Lies website.

Garfield likes to make distressed homeowners think they can play Ben Matlock and walk away with a debt-free house. Garfield Groupies have mostly delusional entitled suburbanites who think they are entitled to a free house. They are trying to figure out an angle to make it happen. Then blame their lender or “Corrupt judges when it doesn’t happen.

Your chances of scoring a free house are 1:150 if you are following the gobbledegook from Neil Garfield’s Living Lies website. Garfield has no experience in mortgage lending nor is he a “Wall Street Insider” like he claims. Finance journalists on Wall Street hadn’t heard of him until he began peddling miracles with his version of Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show. 

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