Is Michigan Democrat Christine Greig Racist Or An Entitled Suburbanite?

Is Michigan House Minority Leader Democrat Christine Greig Racist Or Just A Clueless Entitled White Suburbanite?

Democrat Christine Greig
House Minority Leader Democrat Christine Greig

I’m starting to believe that Michigan House Leader Democrat Christine Greig is either a closet racist or your typical out of touch suburbanite with a sense of entitlement. 

I grew up in the white Detroit suburbs. I have also lived in other metropolitan areas like New York and Miami. So I can say with experience that Metro-Detroit is still one of the most segregated regions in the country.

White suburbanites in suburban Wayne and Oakland County stay away from Detroit except to go sporting events and concerts. When they do, they then hightail it back to the lily-white suburbs. 

Growing up there, I can tell you that most white people in Detroit’s suburbs are racist. Most of them may not verbalize it or show it in public. Nor will they say it to a black guest in their home.

Sure, they’ll be nice. They’ll be polite. That is until they leave the house. Once that happens white suburbanites will start tossing the n-word around like they were at a Klan rally.

Oh, and god help a white girl who brings home her black boyfriend. It’s tantamount to telling your bible-thumping Christian parents you are gay.

Oh and let’s not forget about the white flight that still happens. As more black people built their wealth, they too decide to leave the old neighborhood and move to the suburbs. Soon, white people quietly move out and move further north or west. 

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