Novad Management Consulting: Worst Reverse Mortgage Servicer Ever!

FHA Reverse Mortgage Servicer Novad Management Consulting Named Worst Mortgage Servicer Ever!

 Novad Management Consulting
Pee Pants, the Inebriated Hobo Clown

The other day I wrote that Tom Lennon’s reverse mortgage case is the craziest case I have had in 13 years.

It’s also the first time I have had to deal with Novad Management Consulting. Novad Management Consulting is one of the most ineptly ran mortgage servicers I have ever dealt with.

Matter of fact, Pee Pants, the inebriated hobo clown could run this company better than CEO Davon Kelly.

Customer calls to Novad get forwarded to the FHA Call Center and HUD. Unfortunately, no one at FHA or HUD has access to your file. So, all they can do is act as glorified receptionists.

Seriously, the incoming HUD secretary needs to examine the FHA’s business relationship with Novad Management Consulting.

Below is the story of the nightmare Novad Management Consulting has put Tom Lennon through.

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Reverse Mortgage Scam Alert! Novad And FHA Defraud US Army Veteran

Reverse Mortgage Scam Alert! Novad Management And FHA Defraud Florida Army Veteran

Reverse Mortgage Scam

SENIORS BEWARE! There is another reverse mortgage scam going on. Again, it’s the mortgage servicers trying to steal from seniors. What makes it worse is this time it’s the federal government doing it. That’s right. FHA and it’s mortgage serving company, Novad Management Consulting are ripping off seniors. So be diligent because they are trying to scam you out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So here’s an example of their latest scam that apparently has the backing of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development aka HUD. But first, let me give you a primer on how Reverse Mortgages work.

Reverse mortgages are home equity loans that allow you to convert part of the equity into cash. This can be an attractive option for senior citizens who may find themselves “house rich” but “cash poor.”

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