Attorney Anthony Colleluori: The Lionel Hutz Of Long Island

Long Island Attorney Anthony Colleluori Makes Baffoon Lawyer Lionel Hutz From The Simpsons Look Competent 

Attorney Anthony Colleluori
Colleluori with his infamous drugs for sex client, Dr. Mitchel Fagin.

Let’s face it. After 12 years of doing foreclosure defense, I have seen some bat-shit crazy and incompetent lawyers. Yet, no one has risen to the level of incompetence as Long Island Attorney Anthony Colleluori of Raiser Kenniff PC

The only person you can compare Colleluori to is baffoon attorney Lionel Hutz from The Simpsons voiced by the late Phil Hartman. Trust me, I know from first-hand experience.

Colleluori’s behavior was so egregious that he and his client (who was an attorney) could have been disbarred. Colleluori’s client had been accused of splitting fees with a non-attorney. Ironically, Colleluori was admonished by the NYS courts last year for improper fee splits himself.

Colleluori made threats to the opposing side that were both bizarre and totally unprofessional.

He also sent emails to the opposing side’s vendors making baseless claims of criminal activity. Colleluori now faces a potential defamation lawsuit and his client for his actions.

Colleluori openly bragged about being “good friends” with FBI agents and District Attorneys all over New York. 

It seems as if the NYS Bar must have lowered their standards to consider this idiot gastropod a highly rated criminal defense attorney. 

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NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori Has A Smorgasbord Of Bar Complaints

NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori AKA Fudgie The Whale Has More Bar Complaints Than A Fat Kid At A Salad Bar

NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori

Dealing with NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori is something of a bizarre experience. It’s like watching a fat kid making a mess at a salad bar in a restaurant. 

Colleluori is big and I’m not talking Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno big. I’m talking TV detective Frank Cannon morbidly obese big. 

It seems as if Colleluori has an addiction to Fudgie The Whale cakes. 

This would also explain why he is overstuffed with fudge and is chocked full of nuts.

Hence, the reason why the guys at the FBI in Manhattan and Suffolk County DA’s office roll their eyes and refer to him as “Fudgie The Whale” behind his back.

Yes, he is nuts. Ask anyone who has been forced to work with him like me. It is literally like dealing with an obnoxious fat kid in a restaurant whose parents feed them too much fructose corn syrup. The only difference is, Colleluori is a 62-year-old morbidly obese New York Italian. 

It’s also no wonder why Colleluori has had multiple bar complaints filed against him. He has also been censured by the courts at least twice that we can find.

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