Real Estate Vultures Circle New York Homeowners In Foreclosure

NYS Courts Are Fast-Tracking Foreclosures As Real Estate Vultures Stalk New York Homeowners 

real estate vultures

Real estate vultures are watching you on the internet. They are waiting for the perfect moment to strike so they start pecking at your financial carcass. In addition, you may not even know they stole your house out from under you until it is too late.  

They know you are in foreclosure and they are waiting for you to lose your house. They know that the courts in New York are fast-tracking foreclosures. Matter of fact, New York courts are moving faster than Florida did under the rocket docket.

The days of New York foreclosures taking 4-5 years are history. The courts have foreclosures down to less than 6 months. This is not good for homeowners wanting to fight their foreclosures. 

Homeowners need to be prepared to fight their lenders. As soon as homeowners get served foreclosure papers, they need to come out of the gate swinging. Lenders are also motivated to take your house by any means necessary and as quickly as possible due to market conditions.

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Housing Market Warning! Market Flashing Recession Signals

Gap In Housing Market Between Home Prices And Income Point To Recession By 2020 Election

Housing Market

The housing market is signaling there will be an economic recession by the 2020 election. Council on Foreign Relations Director of International Economics Benn Steil joined JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon predicting a recession:

Looking back at the years preceding the 2008 financial crisis. A critical warning sign was the surging gap between the growth in home prices and household income. Today, a parallel dynamic is playing out.

Household incomes have been growing. However, it hasn’t come close to keeping up with the increase in home prices. The median annual household income in August rose by 1.3% from 2018. Yet, data from the National Association of Realtors shows the median home prices in the United States housing market rose 4.7% in August from a year earlier.

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New York Real Estate Progeny Accused Of Sexual Harassment

New York Real Estate Progeny Marc Menowitz Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Two Different Women

new york real estate
Marc Menowitz allegedly asked female employees to take pictures of themselves in dressing rooms of Victoria’s Secret.

New York Real Estate progeny Marc Menowitz is accused of soliciting dirty photos from two female workers. He also hit on them repeatedly and retaliated when they rejected his advances according to multiple lawsuits.

Alice Vysata and Kinga Tabares filed sexual harassment suits against Marc Menowitz in Los Angeles. the New York Real Estate progeny is the grandson of Harold Menowitz Harold Menowitz was a successful New York developer who built residential and commercial buildings in Brooklyn and Queens in the 1950s.

Menowitz Management, which Marc now runs with his younger brother, owns and manages more than 2 million square feet across New York state, including an office building next to the Queens Center mall in Elmhurst.

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