Reverse Mortgage Solutions Scam Alert!

REVERSE MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS SCAM ALERT! Reverse Mortgage Solutions Targets Seniors For Foreclosure! 

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Fraud

MFI-Miami has issued a Reverse Mortgage Solutions Scam Alert!

It seems like Reverse Mortgage Solutions is pulling a reverse mortgage scam on unsuspecting seniors with Reverse Mortgage. They are showing no shame in doing it either. 

Reverse mortgages are great because they give seniors who are house rich and cash poor needed cash. Local taxes and any HOA fees are still the responsibility of the homeowner.

Servicers can and will foreclosure if the taxes are not paid.

Reverse mortgages are great for most seniors. Unfortunately, reverse mortgage servicing companies like RMS have figured out how to cash in by screwing equity-rich seniors with Reverse Mortgages.

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Ditech Bankruptcy Liquidation Plan In Jeopardy

Ditech Bankruptcy Liquidation Plan In Trouble As New York AG Investigates Shady RMS Servicing Practices

ditech bankruptcy liquidation

The New York Attorney General has filed a brief in the Ditech bankruptcy case. AG Letitia James objected to the Ditech bankruptcy liquidation plan. She argues that the plan will strip homeowners of their rights.

James also argues that Ditech and Reverse Mortgage Solutions are using bankruptcy protection to circumvent statutory protections for homeowners.

The brief also states said that the Ditech has more than 880 foreclosure actions pending in New York. This includes 642 forward and 239 reverse mortgages. The current Ditech bankruptcy liquidation plan threatens to sweep these homeowners’ claims and defenses under the rug.

James asserts:

A free and clear sale of the Debtors’ mortgage assets would erase the key defenses of homeowners in the foreclosure process. 

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