Top 100 Largest Landowners In US Control 40 Million Acres

Top 100 Largest Landowners Of Private Property Own Roughly 40 Million Acres Equalling 2% Of The Country’s Total Land

top 100 landowners

Bloomberg is reporting Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is among the top 100 largest landowners of private property nationwide. The news outlet relied on data compiled by the Land Report. The list of the 100 largest landowners also includes Ted Turner and Stan Kroenke. Kroenke owns the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams among other teams.

That rarefied list of the top 100 largest landowners shows they own roughly 40 million acres. This is about 2% of the country’s total land.

This also is a jump from a decade ago. In 2009, the top 100 largest landowners had fewer than 30 million acres.

Bezos is the founder of Amazon and the world’s wealthiest person. He has acquired about 420,000 acres of land over the last 20 years. However, that also pales in comparison to billionaire and Liberty Media chairman John Malone’s 2.20 million acres.

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